Ahalya Matthan

Ahalya Matthan thrives on the power of storytelling. She has found inspiration from stories that stem from the world of fragrances, textiles and craft.s She is one of the best recognised perfumers in the country having worked with several brands to build recognizable fragrance profiles for them. A deep interest in fragrances led her to acquire a Masters Degree in Perfumery Science and Technology after spending her childhood years among the perfume vats of her family’s incense stick business.

Ally Matthan, as she is affectionately called, worked for the French fragrance house Robertet both in Grasse and then in Mumbai for several years. In 2007 she set up Ally Matthan Creations Pvt Ltd, a multi pronged business. The company manufactures and supplies hotel and spa amenities across the globe, they advise and create signature fragrances for brands and individuals. As manufacturers of premium natural handmade bath and skincare products, it seemed the right step to launch Areev, a homegrown brand of contemporary Indian personal care in 2012. More inclined towards building a brick and mortar business, her core strengths are management strategy and creative innovation in the business sphere.

Quirky and curious by nature Ally, has an obsessive interest in her family, dogs, shoes, arts and crafts, textiles and exercising. In 2015, Ally Matthan founded the #100sareepact, which led to a virtual movement to wear sarees and tell stories around them. The pact continues and has inspired her work with weavers and weaving communities around the country. Her passion for textiles and the extraordinary movement of 2015 has led her to begin The Registry of Sarees.

Enthusiastic about people, she values integrity, kindness, warmth and cherishes the finer moments that life throws up. Stories, experiences and interaction of ideas and people is what fuels her zest for life.