Maxwell Pereira

Maxwell Pereira, a highly decorated former officer of the elite Indian Police Service, has been at the forefront of managing tough law and order situations, disciplining frenzied traffic situations, and even teaching in prestigious national institutions in India and elsewhere.

Known for his no-nonsense approach to curbing anti-social elements and rioters and for bringing order to chaotic conditions on city roads in Delhi, he belongs to the Union Territories Cadre of the prestigious Indian Police Service (IPS). He has worked with the Delhi, Sikkim, Mizoram and Pondicherry police in various capacities, specialising in criminology, administration, police community relations, traffic management/road safety, and in management of public offices, productivity and personnel.

By the time he retired, he had nine national and four regional awards adorning the lapel of his uniform, making him one of the most highly decorated police officers in India. A thoroughbred field officer with a reputation for taking the bull by the horns, he is the recipient of the Indian Police Medal for Gallantry (1979), the Police Medal for Meritorious Services (1987) and the President's Police Medal for Distinguished Services (1995)

A widely published writer, he has been interviewed on various issues from politics to social issues, appeared in many newspapers, magazines and TV/radio programmes, thereby earning himself the title of 'The Thinking Cop'.