Pooja Nair

Pooja Nair is a Master's student of Sociology at Christ, Bangalore. But this 22 year-old is many more things than that. She's on her feet all the time and is always quick to take action for what she believes in. Young in her undergraduate days at Wilson College, Mumbai she teamed up with 3 of her friends to start a mental health support group called 'The Circle'. In the 2 years that it has been alive, The Circle, has expanded to other cities with a diligent group of volunteers who conduct important sessions to talk about mental health and violence. These sessions are interactive, informative, and even fun. They offer a safe space for people. The Circle was only the beginning for Pooja. Soon after that, she started a project with her same-sex partner called 'The Queer Question' aka TQQ. The project is very simple: It is to spread awareness and educate people about queer issues/topics by letting them ask questions anonymously. A google form is how people ask questions they've always wanted to but couldn't. The project has worked well so far; they have about a 100 questions since they started in June last year. What started as an experimental project, has now turned into something much bigger. TQQ has a regular influx of questions from young queer Indians who need someone to talk to about things like coming out, staying safe, etc. The Queer Question aims to make this world a more educated and better place. Pooja is driven by her passion and thirst for what she believes in.