Sathvik Vishwanath

Sathvik Vishwanath, an MBA graduate from Melbourne Business School, is now a successful entrepreneur and has always put his heart into innovative and disruptive technology!

His business journey started with VentureNext in 2008, which was involved with custom scripting for the businesses in the virtual world called SecondLife. After being acquainted with bitcoin in 2013, his next venture CoinMonk Ventures aimed at bringing Bitcoin awareness to the public and organized the Global Bitcoin Conference in Dec 2013 - the first ever Bitcoin conference in India. At the conference, he launched a bitcoin buy/sell service called Unocoin.com which specializes in providing Bitcoin services that include bitcoin storage, buying, selling, merchant gateway and PoS app that is offering the benefits of no volatility risk, 0% transaction fee and no chargebacks.

With the mission of Bringing Bitcoin to Billions, Unocoin is evolving rapidly with more than 1,000,000 users and is bringing the advantages of blockchain technology to the critical masses following the self-regulated standards which have now become the model for the bitcoin industry in India. The company was recently funded by Barry Silbert's Digital Currency Group, Draper’s Boost VC, Blume Ventures, Funders Club, Future Perfect Ventures and Mumbai Angels that is helping the company to move towards its vision of Making Money Simple at an accelerated pace.